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"wood there’s people that are dying"

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The rules are:
1- always post the rules
2- answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write eleven new ones
3- tag eleven peeps, then tell em ya tagged em
4- tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered their questions

1. What is the one childhood snack food you (or you will) continue to buy even though you’re an adult?

2. Favorite candy flavor? (cherry, grape, etc.)

3. Favorite non-princess/prince Disney character?

4. What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

5. If you could get your hands on the full gag reel from one movie, which one would it be?

6. What is one dumb thing that has been sitting at the bottom of your backpack/purse for forever that you keep meaning to get rid of but always forget?

7. If all the games in the world were suddenly made for only one console, which one would you want it to be?

8, Out of all the books you own, which one has the weirdest title?

9. Out of everybody in history, living or dead, who would you most like to have lunch with?

10. Favorite candle scent?

11. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?

1. Favorite season?

2. Which american state, in your opinion, is the nastiest? 

3. How many pets?

4. Favorite dessert?

5. Guilty pleasure obsession growing up?

6. If you had an animal companion, what would it be?

7. How many potato?

8. Are you still reading this?

9. Remember that creepy fucking clown in the Brave Little Toaster?

10. Movie that always makes you cry or overly emotional?

11. Bitchiest Game of Thrones character in your opinion?


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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Landscapes (1/?)
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Pokemon Challenge Day27:Favorite Region

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Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
on [Pintrest] || [Tumblr] || [Twitter] || [Facebook] || [YouTube]

I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
Bookmark this link!
Fill your life with inspiration!

This Pintrest is a blessing, a fantastic reference for anyone designing characters or just need some inspiration!

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Favorite characters (2/10): Jaime Lannister [x]

"The world was simpler in those days, Jaime thought, and men as well as swords were made of finer steel. Or was it only that he had been fifteen? They were all in their graves now, the Sword of the Morning and the Smiling Knight, the White Bull and Prince Lewyn, Ser Oswell Whent with his black humor, earnest Jon Darry, Simon Toyne and his Kingswood Brotherhood, bluff old Sumner Crakehall. And me, that boy I was … when did he die, I wonder? When I donned the white cloak? When I opened Aerys’s throat? That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead” - Jaime VIII (A Storm of Swords)

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You can take away my house.
All my tricks and toys.
One thing you can’t take away?
I am Iron Man.

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Forget me not

In Slovene, these are called ‘spominčice’, which would loosely translate into ‘little memories’. The different perception of the world through different languages is fascinating to me. 

And yet both refer to memory. Weird how they converge on that. What about tiny blue flowers says “something to do with remembering”?

In Finnish they are called “lemmikki” which means “beloved” or “darling”.

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